Chain of Responsibility Risk Management

At Supply Chain Safety Excellence we specialise in conducting CoR risk assessments and CoR control effectiveness reviews.

We facilitate workshops for our clients to help them identify CoR hazards and assess the risks associated with their transport activities and business practices.

We help our clients identify the existing controls in place to manage CoR risks and suggest improvements or additional controls that may be required.

We conduct field visits to check existing CoR risk controls reflect operational practice – the way work is done, and to identify what is working and what is not working.

We compare and test alignment with the Master Code and leading industry practices of high-performing organisations in the area of Chain of Responsibility.

Do you know what your CoR risks are? Do you know if your CoR risk controls are effective?

WHS Consulting

At Supply Chain Safety Excellence we believe safety excellence is business excellence. We work closely with our clients to create a culture of safety through positive engagement and implementing mindful safety leadership programs. We facilitate WHS Management System policies and procedures to visibly lead and champion WHS outcomes at all levels. Our core services include:

Developing and implementing ‘Mindful’ safety leadership programs to visibly lead and champion WHS outcomes.

Creating a culture of safety through engagement and values based safety programs, safety climate assessments and facilitation of project work groups/networks.

Facilitating the development of WHS strategic plans and programs, and the implementation of WHS projects and proactive safety initiatives.

Developing and writing WHS Management System policies and procedures, professional reports and safety communications at all levels of an organisation.

Conducting WHS Management System and self-insurance audits, Chain of Responsibility compliance audits, site inspections and safety observations.

Embedding robust Risk Management practices and Critical Control Management frameworks.

Analysing, researching and diagnosing safety trends to make continuous improvements, including benchmarking and exceeding industry best practice. Conducting serious incident investigations using the ICAM (Incident Causation Analysis Method) process to prevent repeat incidents.

Workplace Safety is our passion, and we would love to talk to you about any of our services. Get in touch with Principal Consultant Sean Minto today.

WHS Consulting in Sydney
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Supply Chain and Logistics



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Supply Chain Safety Excellence

Why Choose Supply Chain Safety Excellence?

Principal Consultant Sean Minto is an experienced senior leader and Certified OHS Professional with a Master of Science (OHS). Sean has led the health and safety function in high-risk industries including a grounding at BHP/BlueScope Steel. Sean has a proven track record in leading change and improving safety performance and culture driven by authentic safety leadership and robust risk management practices. Sean has reduced the risk profiles, injury and illness rates in several of Australia’s leading companies.

Sean is the Technical Writer of the Master Registered Industry Code of Practice (Master Code) – a registered industry code of practice under section 706 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

Our focus is on Supply Chain and Logistics. We work with high risk enterprises across a number of industries in Sydney and wider Australia including:

  • Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
  • Package/Freight Delivery
  • Retail/Food and Beverages/Food Production
  • Building Materials/Packaging and Containers

Contact Sean today to start improving safety performance and culture in your business.

Need to implement a sustainable, high-performing WHS Management System in Sydney?

Supply Chain Safety Excellence works with medium and large enterprises in high-risk industries to achieve sustainable health and safety outcomes.